Gentle Sleep Coach Wylena Thornton

Hi, my name is Wylena Thornton and I have been working with families in Illinois since 2002 as a Pediatric Developmental Therapist.

As the owner of Learn Through Play Developmental Therapy Services I have been working with the development of infants and children from birth to five years old. As part of this work I have a lot of experience with families of children with disabilities and those with special needs.

Over the years while working with all of these different families, I found the one thing lots of parents have in common--sleep deprivation. I really wanted to help these over-tired families, so in 2019 I added Gentle Sleep Coaching® to my qualifications. Now most of my work is helping struggling parents to train their children how to sleep on their own at night and during day naps.


Sound Asleep Newborn Package

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Sound Asleep Lite Package

5 months to 6 years

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Sound Asleep Total Package

5 months to 6 years


"Thank you so much for helping me get my baby’s sleep back on track. I knew the way it should be, but I just didn’t know what to do to get there. I knew that something had to change, and change soon for my sake and my child’s. She was taking late naps in the afternoon and staying up later and later at night, which was driving me crazy!
The schedule that we put together for her helped put everything in perspective. She’s napping at a decent time during the day with no more late naps in the evenings. And, now she’s going to bed at a decent time. All of this didn’t fall in place overnight, it took time and consistency on my part. You are a great coach Wylena. Thank you!!"


"Wylena, when you told me you could help me train my baby to sleep at night, I was excited, but hesitant. I had been trying for a long time to get him to sleep at night. I wanted him to put himself to sleep, and stay in his bed.
You showed me what to do to make that happen. It wasn’t easy at first because it wasn’t what my child was used to. However, it’s working now. All of this was new for me. I liked the way you coached me through the entire process without making me feel like I was doing something wrong.
Thanks again for all your help…."